[atrt2] ATRT2 Draft GNSO PDP Evaluation Study

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Mon Sep 30 12:05:46 UTC 2013

Please find attached ICC's GNSO PDP Review - Final Draft report (27
September 2013).

The document is also available on the wiki at:
Best regards

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>Brian and all:
>Please forgive that this is coming from my personal account.  Our firm's
>email is not currently operational and I wanted to make sure that you got
>this as soon as possible.
>Attached is the draft of the ATRT2 GNSO PDP Evaluation Study.  As we
>earlier this week, we have this draft to you in a nearly complete state.
>will be updating some of the statistics when we send you the final
>but for the purposes of Alan and Avri, all of the main statistical
>is here and all the findings are in place.
>For Larissa and Charla:  I'm going back to Wales tomorrow.  I'll be in the
>UK all of next week.
>For Brian: best of luck this weekend to you and the full ATRT2 on a
>stressful but important job.  My thoughts will be with you and your team.
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