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zhang xinsheng zhangxinsheng at miit.gov.cn
Tue Oct 1 10:24:55 UTC 2013

Dear everyone, 


Regarding the report drafting, I would like to put forward the following thoughts for your consideration. 


First of all, the draft report should again emphasize on the implementation of ATRT1 recommendations. At the beginning part of the draft report or somewhere appropriate, there could be a paragraph summarizing the implementation progress of ATRT1 recommendations. In particular, the report identifies those recommendations that are not fully implemented to encourage ICANN to take further actions.


Second, as discussed in Washington, to my understanding, the draft report will group related recommendations together into several issues such as board, GAC, metrics, multilingualism etc. I would suggest prioritizing these issues based on importance, while taking account into implementability and operability. There could be a paragraph dedicated to this. To do this, we want to prevent the situation where some of the ATRT2 recommendations will not be completed; in particular, we do not want to see some important recommendations cannot be implemented within the 3-year cycle.


Third, I think the most important recommendations are those which have direct relevance to the legitimacy of ICANN. To highlight the important recommendations will contribute to pushing ICANN a forward step to its internationalization. For this reason, I think recommendations relating to metrics and GAC are the most important ones and should be prioritized.


Best regards,





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Dear all,


Unfortunately I can’t attend the conference call today because of other obligations – but I have following comments to the templates:


Finance: I have no objections against Carlo’s extra recommendations regarding finances.


GAC: I agree with Jørgen’s mail of Sunday 29 September, that our statements have to be fact-based and we need to refine some of the statements. I can support the changes proposed.


Language: I did not have the time to incorporate ICC’s findings regarding language in the template before sending it to the group. I think the findings are very important, and they should be a part of the language template – but I am not able to incorporate them before next weekend. So if anyone feels like doing it go ahead!


I hope you will have a constructive meeting.





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