[atrt2] Edits to GAC-related report following Oct. 1 call

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Wed Oct 2 19:40:53 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT 2 colleagues,

As discussed on the call yesterday, I am circulating edits to the ATRT 2 list so that they can be reflected in the GAC-related report and recommendations.

The page numbers referenced below are based on the draft GAC-related report dated September 29.  

Best regards,
> 1.  Regarding Jorgen's proposed new sentence for the "Findings section 2" on  P. 10, I am proposing modest revisions to allow the sentence to read as being more factual, as follows:
> "...challenges continue with barriers for participation both within the GAC and to ICANN in general. More effective procedures in the GAC and easier access to information by ICANN as well as better explanation of the ICANN model will uphold a continuous and effective level of participation in the GAC.
> 2.  Correction to middle of first full para on P. 9:
> In response to early ATRT2 analysis, staff further elaborated that the Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) team produces a monthly report for the Chair of the GAC. This document includes a "look back" reporting on the previous months activity and projection looking forward at the next months planned activity involving GSE staff and government interactions. NEW TEXT TO REPLACE EXISTING: "This report was proposed by staff for circulation to the GAC chair." END NEW TEXT AND PARA THEN CONTINUES WITH EXISTING: GSE staff have also developed a global government engagement strategy document that will be presented to the Board Global Relations Committee (BGRC) for informational purposes at the committee meeting in Los Angeles this month (26 Sept 2013.) As a best practice the RVPs seek to inform the GAC members in their regions of the community regional engagement strategy working groups activities and outcomes.
> 3.
> NEW SECOND PARA ADDED TO P. 5 UNDER "Background Research Undertaken" 
> "Notable progress has nevertheless been achieved by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) in terms of defining and providing greater visibility into the GAC consensus process, resulting in an amendment to Principle 47 of the GAC’s Operating Principles in October 2011 at the Dakar meetings. The Operating Principles are publicly posted on the GAC website."
Insert footnote to contain the following text or link to GAC website at <https://gacweb.icann.org/> : 

> GAC Operating Principles
> As amended, GAC Dakar meeting in October, 2011
> Principle 47
> The GAC works on the basis of seeking consensus among its membership. Consistent with United Nations practice[1], consensus is understood to mean the practice of adopting decisions by general agreement in the absence of any formal objection. Where consensus is not possible, the Chair shall convey the full range of views expressed by members to the ICANN Board.
> [1] In United Nations practice, the concept of "consensus" is understood to mean the practice of adoption of resolutions or decisions by general agreement without resort to voting in the absence of any formal objection that would stand in the way of a decision being declared adopted in that manner. Thus, in the event that consensus or general agreement is achieved, the resolutions and decisions of the United Nations meetings and conferences have been adopted without a vote. In this connection, it should be noted that the expressions "without a vote", "by consensus" and "by general agreement" are, in the practice of the United Nations, synonymous and therefore interchangeable.
> 4.  

> "Relevant Governmental Advisory Committee Operating Principles: Principle 47, footnote 1, Dakar amended version October 2011"
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