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Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Fri Oct 4 04:04:27 UTC 2013

Charla and Alice

See the attachment instead.  Thanks.


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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 03:51:03 +0000
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Subject: [atrt2] Status of Templates

Charla and Alice,

Here is what I have as the status of Templates for the Report.  The designation "in" means that there is a full draft Template to be copied into the single Report Template.  I make some notes about outstanding edits where applicable.  AS agree, I am also using the ATRT2 wiki numbering scheme as a reference.

Wiki Row StatusEdits

1 in
2 in
3 in
4 in(needs minor edits/citations)
5 in
6 in
7 in
8 in(needs edit/NTIA)
9 in(part of 7.1)
10 in
11 in
12 in(minor edits)
13 in(minor edits)
14 in(minor edits)
15 in(minor edits)
16 in(minor edits)
17 in
18 in
19 in
20 in
21 in
22 missing
23 in
24 in
25 in
26 in
27 missing
28 in
29 in
30 in
31 in
32 in
33 in
34 in
35 in
36 in
37 missing
38 deleted
39 waiting – David Conrad
40 deleted
41 waiting – Alan and Michael
42 deleted

Let me know if the above list is not accurate.  I will forward the Report introduction shortly for copying into the Report Template.

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