[atrt2] Template 28 & 29

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Oct 4 20:30:36 UTC 2013

Brian, many comments:

- You dropped the reference to the report identifying problems with 
respect to the GAC.

- The first sentence of the Analysis changed the meaning. The 
original said facilitation (or whatever) is needed to address the 
more difficult issues. The revised version Implied that facilitation 
is needed for all PDPs because of the increasing difficulty. Just 
dropping the "increasingly" fixes it.

- On the deletion of the paragraph on board threats (or deadlines if 
you prefer), that is one of the origins of the Rec on Board clarity 
on when if may intervene.

- I can live with deleting the part on the New gTLD program problems, 
but I beleive there is a real tendency in the community to over-react 
and thought it should be mentioned.

- Is the GAC Rec being moved somewhere else? When I was writing this, 
and earlier version of Larry's GAC rec did not address this, and it 
is a leading finding of the expert report.

- The last Rec was an attempt to be terse in words and keep it 
general, but it was a key finding of the expert report and also 
related to the under-participation of those stakeholders not funded 
by their companies to participate.

- On issue #28, I don't know what "ICANN should assist the Board" means.

If you want to call about this, I will be out for a bit and back at 
about 5:15 EDT.


At 03/10/2013 11:04 AM, Brian Cute wrote:
>Avri and Alan,
>Paul and I offer some friendly edits to the template.  Please take a 
>look at the redlined version and further iterate the document (there 
>is a clean version as well).  The suggested edits where not intended 
>to change substance or "direction."  Rather to add to what was there 
>and with a view toward consistency across the entire report from a 
>structural standpoint.  We have also done an edit of the 12-16, 35 
>and 36 template that I will send shortly.  Please take as friendly 
>amendments and edit to a final state as you see fit.

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