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Hi Brian,


Jørgen and I have discussed the latest changes to recommendations regarding
finances, and we have the following proposal to recommendation 5. on page


5. In order to ensure that the budget reflects the views of the ICANN
community, the ICANN Board shall improve the budget consultation process by
i.e. ensuring that sufficient time is given to the community to provide
their views on the proposed budget and enough time for the Board to take
into account all input before approving the budget. The budget consultation
process shall also include time for an open meeting between the ICANN Board
and the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees to discuss the
proposed budget.


Reasoning regarding the new recommendation 5: 

1)      This revised recommendation is less prescriptive (even though we
seem to be prescriptive in other recommendations!). But it emphasizes the
need for changes to the present comment period (and timing) when commenting
on the budget and the need for another process for handling the comments. 

2)      In the current budget consultation process there has not been
allocated sufficient time for the community to provide input and has
resulted in ICANN having to extend the time for proving comments and a very
little time for the Board to take into account the public comments before
approving the budget. Therefore it is crucial that enough time is set aside
for the Board to analyze all input and taking it into account in order to
make informed decisions regarding the budget.

3)      Having an open meeting between the Board and the AC/SO’s (other
stakeholders that might be interested) would help in establishing an
on-going dialogue between the Board, and the internet community and would
lead to a better mutual understanding of the different views and the
decisions taken/to be taken by the Board. 







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Review Team,


Attached is the latest draft of the Report and Recommendations.  Please
carefully note the following:


1.  Provide only SUBSTANTIVE AND CRITICAL edits you may have on the
SUBSTANCE of the draft within 24 hours, or by 10:00p.m. UTC tomorrow.


2.  Ignore edits concerning numbering, missing citations, spelling etc.
Paul and I will continue over the next 24 hours to clean up the document so
clean, correctly numbered version will go out for public comment.  We will
take any substantive and critical edits provided by 10:00p.m. UTC tomorrow
and work them into the document.  Our plan is to send the document to ICANN
staff by 11:00p.m. UTC tomorrow to begin the translation process.


3.  The Report will indicate that it is a draft that is subject to change
based on Community input and continuing assessment by ATRT2 before the Final
Report and Recommendations issue.


Thanks to all.




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