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The Draft Report is with ICANN Staff and the translation of the Executive Summary has begun.  For those of you who sent suggested edits right near the end of the deadline (Michael, Olivier, Alan and Carlos), I apologize for not reflecting your suggested edits into the document before sending it to ICANN Staff.  It was important to get the document to Staff to begin translation or our timeline for Public Comment would slip.  I am checking to see if I can reflect those edits into the draft now, while translation is in process, and will do so if possible.  If not, your edits will be retained for incorporation into the Final Report.

On the whole, the Draft is a reasonably good document for Public Comment and given the amount of content that came in toward the end of the process, best efforts were made and the editors could not allow "perfect" to become the enemy of "good."    I want to give credit and thanks to Paul Diaz who labored for many hours as an editor on the draft.  He was careful to try to retain the substance of each author's templates, analysis and assessments while creating a document that had consistency in tone and structure.  But for his efforts this draft would not be in Staff's hands at this point in time.

Also, we thank ICC and Mark, in particular, for working to provide the Independent Expert Report under significant time pressure so that it could be a part of the ATRT2 Draft Report and allow the Community to comment on their work in the Public Comment process.  And, thanks to all Review Team members for the effort on the Draft Report.

The Chair and Vice Chairs will have a coordination call next week to map out the ATRT2's work for the next 2.5 months moving into a Public Comment period, face-to-face meetings in Buenos Aeres and preparation of the Final Report and Recommendations.  We will send un update to the full Review Team after our call.


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