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Lise Fuhr lise.fuhr at difo.dk
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I can see that from the transcript - but the section seems very definitive
in the prioritizing without any further explanation of the status of
“non-prioritized” recommendations.

Now I have raised my concern – good night from DK.




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Lisa, I consider prioritizing a very wrong decision. I would have prefered
that we had not said this, but I can live with the words in this draft
report, because it only says we will CONSIDER doing it.  This was a
suggestion made by Mr Zhang.

At 15/10/2013 03:34 PM, Lise Fuhr wrote:

Dear all,
I am not at all happy about the last section of our executive summary:
In the Final Report, ATRT2 will consider “prioritizing” certain
Recommendations based on their respective importance.  ATRT2 considers
Recommendations relating to the Board, GAC, Metrics and Multilingualism to
be priority Recommendations.  ATRT2 welcomes feedback on prioritization of
proposed Recommendations from the Community.
What will this prioritizing mean? That the board should implement these
recommendations first. Or the board can choose not to implement the other
recommendations because they are not prioritized? I thought that giving a
time-frame for implementing would give the idea of the urgency of the
different recommendations.
I know it was briefly discussed at the conference call October 1 but I can’t
see final decision on the issue. I find that the implications of
prioritizing is not clear in our report and would recommend that we write
more explicit what we mean by prioritizing and that we expect that all the
recommendations is to be implemented.
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Emne: [atrt2] Master with edits
Here is the updated version.  Have not changed all the numbering.  Call me
if you questions.
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