[atrt2] Preparation for Buenos Aires

Fiona Asonga fasonga at kixp.or.ke
Fri Oct 25 13:49:00 UTC 2013

Hallo Brian,

I would like to re-visit an old proposal on getting more public participation and interest in the draft final report we have circulated for public comments. We had considered having a webinar before teh ICANN Meeting on the proposed recommendations so that folks coming to Buenos Aires can begin thinking about the proposed recommendations. I don't know if we shall still be able to have this webinar and if the team would able to put in about half hour to an hour to discuss with the community members interested on the draft document already in the public domain. 

Secondly, will we work again like we did in Bejing and Durban meeting individual and or groups or focus on the public forum?

Kind regards

Fiona Asonga

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