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Wed Nov 20 10:26:35 UTC 2013

Afraid i am not much of a note taker.  What I had actually meant was that we should send email records of any 1 on 1 comments we got from talking to people in the hallways etc.  But in any case, here are my notes from the meetings.


-  Prioritization is subjective
  look at things that can involve cooperation

- entire implementation study should be considered well, not just the recommendations

- 10.3 equitable participation - visa issues - need to do something - while not UN or ITU but if it wants to be an International scope organization it needs to solve this problem.
    Need to collect information on umber of visas that have been refused. 

   (Q for other SOAC also - is it worth an email from the ATRT asking for data?)

  (My question: should there be a recommendation that as part of agreeing on a location involves having a visa agreement for known volunteers and whether ICANN needs a visa officer)

- procedures needed for charter development in cross-constitueny groups.

  (note: the issue of NPOC and NCSG is actually covered in the NCSG charter, I will bring this issue to the NCSG Executive Committee)

- ways to keep a meeting from being captured by a single individual or group

- readability and cross referencing in the final report

- Issues of CEO accountability to the community


-  Reconsideration issues and appeals mechanims

- unbalanced global representation

- no transparency of most constituencies and SG in GNSO


- participation in WG - only 10% participate in 2 or more
 - emphasize this beyond the subcategory of cross community

- public comment  - 
  how are they processed and taken in 

- owt - metrics  - are they only operational ?

- money from auctions a concern 

- recommendation for financial as a key element for strategic planing

- visual mapping as part of exec summary

- quantitative review of comments : metrics of how many, how many first time, home many others at the same time
  data to help persuade people that it is worth the time to do 

- prioritization in draft not clear.

- decsion making should not overlap comment period.


- separate rec 2 into 2

- effect of compensation on the pools of candidates - what are the unanticipated consequences of compensation

- awareness and capacity training for more informed comment - 

- language services + communications - needs to be understood by non experts

- regions AND areas in 10.3

- how do we deal with the registry that can belong to many groups - registrar 

- globalization of the AOC - why is not between many governments.

- ssac closed doors, perception that it is not global enough

- 80% of reports he gets outside jurisdiction

- problem of dealing with paid lobbyist when it trying to argue for the public interest

- policy vs implementation - more important to get people involved than to crete barriers.

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