[atrt2] Follow up from ATRT2 call on 2 December re: NomCom retention and arvhival of candidate information

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
Fri Dec 6 01:24:30 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT2,
In response to your question regarding NomCom retention and archival of candidate information (relating to your draft recommendation #3):

In general, NomCom has the following approach to retention and archival of candidate information.

Information about Candidates under consideration during a NomCom process is confidential to NomCom members, NomCom staff, and to any outside consultants who may be retained by the NomCom to assist with any phase of its work, as is appropriate with respect to the terms of their engagement.

At the conclusion of a NomCom selection process, the NomCom Chair will seek the consent of unsuccessful Candidates to retain their Statements of Interest (SOI) for the next NomCom's consideration. Statements of Interest of Candidates who wish to be considered for any interim vacancies that may occur will also be retained.

For Candidates who agree to have their information retained, the information remains "Confidential." For Candidates who decide not to have their information forwarded to the next NomCom, their information is not retained/archived.

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