[atrt2] Reminder: edits to Recommendations due tomorrow

Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Fri Dec 13 04:06:25 UTC 2013


This is a reminder that edits to Recommendations are due tomorrow.  To that end, I tool notes of some discussion on the ATRT2 call this week.  Per my notes, the following modifications to the draft Recommendations could be considered by ATRT2:

Rec. 1 – eliminate Recommendation regarding measuring performance of individual Directors.

Rec. 3 – need information from NomComm regarding Board candidate data before modifying Recommendation.

Rec. 4 – adopt "policy v. implementation" vernacular and eliminate "administrative" and "executive."

Rec. 9.3.2 – refer to "the office of Ombudsman" not "the Ombudsman" in text.  Ensure that the distinction between employee acting with respect to "policy" v. "internal" functions is clear for any new areas of Ombudsman jurisdiction. Consider making mediation as a tool of the office of the Ombudman" explicit.

9.4.2 – Modify from "Transparency Report" to "Transparency and Accountability Report."

9.4.3 – Need to clarify "other information" and "Chatham rule" reference.

6.1.1 – Consider "illustrative v. prescriptive" issue.

6.8 – Consider whether text implies GAC is dictating the working methods of Staff.

If ATRT2 members (in particularly assigned editors) captured other notes that could modify Recommendations, please be prepared to discuss them on the call tomorrow.

Also, Larisa sent a document with proposed edits to Recommendations from Staff, based on the discussion on our call this week.  Please review that document and be prepared to discuss it on our call tomorrow.

Please note:  11 comments/reply comments in response to the draft ATRT2 Report have been filed.  http://forum.icann.org/lists/comments-atrt2-recommendations-21oct13/  Please read the comments and if dits to Recommendations are warranted based on the comments, please submit your suggestions as well as quotes from the comments in question to the ATRT2 email list NO LATER THAN Monday, December 16.  Thank you.

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