[atrt2] Tonights call - GAC related recommendations

Jørgen C Abild Andersen jocaan at erst.dk
Tue Dec 17 14:38:28 UTC 2013

Dear all

Unfortunately I am prevented from attending the conference call tonight. Sorry about that - not least because I have few remarks/questions regarding the GAC-related recommendations, more specifically "Final recommendation: -
Increased transparency of GAC related activities 1, g) and h)". I am sorry if I have missed possible answers to my questions in previous calls.

Would it be possible to provide further background on the reasoning behind adding the two points (1 g) and h))? Reading through the corresponding paragraphs explaining facts and community input I wasn't able to identify the references that explain/provide basis for these new recommendations. Secondly, I am not completely sure that I understand the precise scope and meaning of the language of 1 g) "the role of GAC leadership" and again I apologise if I have missed information in any of the previous calls, but are we referring to a particular problem identified by the community? If that is not the case I am a bit reluctant inserting this point at this stage. My third point is related to the term "particular entity" used in 1 h) - again I am uncertain about the exact meaning as the term is very broad. If the reference is to the AC/SO's it might be helpful to clarify this in the next.

I think it would be helpful for the implementation of the recommendations if we could provide more information explaining the rationale and facts if  these new recommendations should be added to the final report.

Best regards

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