[atrt2] ATRT2 Final Report - Draft #1

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Dec 17 19:33:34 UTC 2013

Fiona, I did consider this carefully, and I 
addressed it when I sent out my updates on the 13th.

>The AoC references cross-community deliberations 
>in regard to policy development. We have heard a 
>number of times, that things are working quite 
>well in regard to the ASO and the ccNSO, so it 
>would appear that the GNSO is the only area that 
>we really need to be focusing energy at this 
>point, and the only one where we have been 
>presented with evidence that we have a problem 
>that warrants an ATRT recommendation.

Let's discuss it on the call if you feel there is 
still a need, so that I can better understand what needs to change.


At 17/12/2013 12:26 PM, Fiona Alexander wrote:
>Thank you Larissa.
>One question with respect to new recommendation 
>9.  The topic is cross community deliberations 
>but the recommendations focus exclusively on the 
>GNSO and the GNSO pdp process.  On a call a few 
>weeks this was raised and I thought adjustments 
>were to be made to broaden this out?
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>Dear Review Team Members,
>Attached is the Final Report ­ Draft #1 for your 
>review.  It incorporates all changes submitted 
>to date.  Staff would appreciate your review to 
>ensure that your edits were accurately reflected in the report.
>Several aspects of the report require further work:
>·         Executive Summary language to be updated ­ ATRT2
>·         Summary of public comment for several 
>recommendations to be added ­ ATRT2
>·         Synchronization of final 
>recommendations between Executive Summary and body of the report - staff
>·         Formatting clean up ­ Table of 
>Contents update, links from Executive Summary to 
>the body of the report, etc. - staff
>Staff proposes that the Review Team discuss and 
>resolve the following points during the upcoming call:
>1.       Inclusion of Draft Recommendations, 
>along with Final Recommendations, in the body of the report
>2.       Boilerplate text if there's nothing to 
>report for Public Comment section.  Paul’s 
>suggestion:  "There were no specific public 
>comments on this issue, and/or any comments 
>received were in agreement with the Report's findings."
>3.       Posting of Final Report ­ with or 
>without translations?  In considering the 
>timing, please note that ICANN  is closed for 
>the holidays 24 December through 1 Jan and some 
>staff may not be available during this time.
>Best regards,
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