[atrt2] Prioritization

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Dec 19 16:44:41 UTC 2013

The statement in quotes is fine.

I believe that we are already asking that the acceptance of 
recommendations include a projected time-frame for implementation. 
This will take into account staff availability. It will also factor 
in that some Recs are implemented by completely different staff from 
others. The community will have plenty of opportunity to comment 
about whether the projected implementation meets their needs and expectations.


At 19/12/2013 11:28 AM, Brian Cute wrote:

>I have been following the discussion on this point.  Here is what I 
>suggest and I am interested in feedback.  ATRT2 adds a statement to 
>the Report to this effect:
>"ATRT2 believes that these Recommendations are important and, to the 
>extent accepted by the Board, should be treated as a strategic 
>priority.  To that end, ICANN should create an implementation plan 
>and publish it to the Community."
>A few observations when considering this statement.  It is 
>appropriate, as ICANN continues to mature, that the organization 
>treat Review Team recommendations that it accepts as strategic 
>priority items.  It is also appropriate to expect the organization 
>to develop and implementation plan, publish it, execute and measure 
>(with metrics, KPIs, benchmarks etc.) its implementation 
>performance.  Staff and Board have indicated that there are already 
>some projects underway that map to Recommendations.  That is a good 
>thing.  Mr. Zhang does raise a valid, practical point (supported by 
>David Conrad).  Are we asking ICANN to implement all of these 
>Recommendations with the same level of prioritization and at the 
>same time?  This could be an impractical request.  I would think 
>that, in the normal course, if ICANN develops and implementation 
>plan it will identify the effort and resources necessary to 
>implement the Recommendations and that implementation of the 
>Recommendations will vary to some degree.
>I think for all these reasons, the statement about may be useful to 
>include in the Report.
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