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Demi Getschko demi at nic.br
Thu Dec 19 16:59:29 UTC 2013

On 12/19/2013 02:28 PM, Brian Cute wrote:
> "ATRT2 believes that these Recommendations are important and, to the 
> extent accepted by the Board, should be treated as a strategic 
> priority.  To that end, ICANN should create an implementation plan and 
> publish it to the Community."

Language ok for me.

> A few observations when considering this statement.  It is 
> appropriate, as ICANN continues to mature, that the organization treat 
> Review Team recommendations that it accepts as strategic priority 
> items.  It is also appropriate to expect the organization to develop 
> and implementation plan, publish it, execute and measure (with 
> metrics, KPIs, benchmarks etc.) its implementation performance.  Staff 
> and Board have indicated that there are already some projects underway 
> that map to Recommendations.  That is a good thing.  Mr. Zhang does 
> raise a valid, practical point (supported by David Conrad).  Are we 
> asking ICANN to implement all of these Recommendations with the same 
> level of prioritization and at the same time?  This could be an 
> impractical request.  I would think that, in the normal course, if 
> ICANN develops and implementation plan it will identify the effort and 
> resources necessary to implement the Recommendations and that 
> implementation of the Recommendations will vary to some degree.
> I think for all these reasons, the statement about may be useful to 
> include in the Report.
> Regards,
> Brian
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