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Brian Cute brianacute at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 14:02:06 UTC 2013

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency Olivier. Larisa, please ask the
editor to make a global edit on "the ATRT2" and "ATRT2" as Olivier
suggests.  Thank you.


On Saturday, December 21, 2013, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:

>  Dear Brian,
> thanks for the adding of the text re: observations - that eases my
> concerns and I hope that Board members & the community will read the Report
> in full.
> I do note however that you sometimes use "ATRT2" and sometimes use "the
> ATRT2" in your text. In replacing the acronym with the full words, I
> believe that in the vast majority of cases, one would refer to "the ATRT2".
> Please be so kind to have this checked. Ditto for other acronyms such as
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
> On 20/12/2013 23:18, Brian Cute wrote:
> Larisa,
>  In the current version of the Final Report, the following statement
> appears at the top of page 3: "ATRT2 believes that these Recommendations
> are important and, to the extent accepted by the Board, should be treated
> as a strategic priority.  To that end, ICANN should create an
> implementation plan and publish it to the Community."  Please add the
> following text directly after that sentence as a continuation of the
> paragraph:
>  "ATRT2 wishes to emphasize that the observations appearing in ATRT2's
> assessments and elsewhere in the body of the Report should be duly
> considered by the Board and afforded all due weight in ongoing and future
> implementation efforts."
>  Also, please create an Appendix for the ATRT2's Observations on the
> Review Process document.  PLEASE NOTE, there are data points that need to
> be added to the ATRT2 Observations document -- # of conference calls held
> by ATRT2, # of face to face meetings etc.  I am not sure that I have the
> master "Observations" document but I believe ATRT2 had 16 conference calls
> and 7 face to face meetings.  Would you kindly add that data to the
> document.  The attached document which is a description of audit techniques
> being under consideration by the Structural Improvements Committee should
> be added to the Observations document as part of the record of our
> discussions.  As a lead in to the Audit Framework documents, please add the
> following text:
>  "In discussing how to improve the AoC Review process going forward,
> ATRT2 also considered the work of the ICANN Structural Improvements
> Committee on Institutional Reviews.  The ATRT2 notes that the AoC Reviews
> are distinct and different from the ICANN Institutional Reviews.  At the
> same time, AoC Review Teams and the Board should consider the ATRT2's
> Observations and a range of techniques to improve the AoC Review processes.
>  The following document contains a number of techniques considered by the
> Structural Improvement Committee for consideration."
>  Regards,
> Brian
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