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Hi Brian,


I would like to keep the previous edition of 12.4 and I hope that 12.3 still reads:


12.3   Every three years the Board should conduct a benchmark study on relevant parameters, (e.g. size of organization, levels of staff compensation and benefits, cost of living adjustments, etc.) suitable for a non-profit organization.  If the result of the benchmark is that ICANN as an organization is not in line with the standards of comparable organizations, the Board should consider aligning the deviation. In cases where the Board chooses not to align, this has to be reasoned in the Board decision and published to the Internet community.

Best regards and have a happy holiday,


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I have added footnotes with quotes from public comments to the report as well as a few edits.  I intended those edits to add support to the recommendations.  If you are uncomfortable with the impact on the recommendations you drafted, by all means fell free to change th to reflect the intent of your draft.




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On Dec 20, 2013, at 3:31 PM, "Lise Fuhr" <lise.fuhr at difo.dk> wrote:

Hi Larisa,


I have a few remarks. 


I am not happy with the changes Sabra made on page 12 to recommendation 12.4. I think the new wording changes the recommendation too much. I furthermore don’t understand why the review team suddenly is a part of the recommendation. The changes are not in the same recommendation on page 81. I prefer the “original” version on page 81.


At page 79 there is a comment from [s36] about “whose comments is this?”


The section referred to is a part of the section above and is a part of the RySG comments to recommendation 12.4.


I hope this is understandable.

Have a nice weekend – and a Merry Christmas/holidays





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Dear Review Team members,


Attached are documents comprising ATRT2 Final Report – Draft #2.  Please review these documents and provide staff with your final edits by 23 UTC on Friday, 20 December. 

Staff will circulate ATRT2 Final Report – Draft #3 on Monday 23 December. 


Appendix B has not changed since the Draft Report.  Appendix C reflects all the submitted changes.  Appendix D is new.  


Staff made every effort to reflect your intended changes consistently and accurately, and the quality control effort is still continuing.  However, due to the volume of changes, please take care to check your portions of the document to ensure accuracy.  Formatting and table of contents will be updated in the next draft.


As a reminder, ICANN will be closed for the holidays from noon on 24 December through 1 January, and the editor that has been engaged to assist with the Final Report will not be available after 23 December.  

Staff will be available to assist with any last minute edits upon return on 2 January.  Staff will submit the final report for translation  and coordinate the posting on the web site as soon as ATRT2 confirms the Final Report documents after the holidays.


Best regards,


Larisa B. Gurnick

Consultant/Senior Director, Organizational Reviews

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

larisa.gurnick at icann.org

310 383-8995


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