[atrt2] FW: ATRT2 Final Report - Draft#2 For Your Review

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sun Dec 22 22:44:45 UTC 2013

Dear Larisa,

On 22/12/2013 19:04, Larisa B. Gurnick wrote:
> Regarding Olivier's question about "the ATRT2", Sabra, the editor, has
> gone through the entire document, ensuring that acronyms are spelled
> out the first time they appear and making sure that the words "the"
> are incorporated consistently.  This is her explanation for the
> methodology that she followed:  "I included the digit in the full
> term, as it is significant to the name. That means in most cases it
> should appear without the article, as "ATRT2."  In cases where the
> article is present, it's because it modifies a noun, such as "the
> ATRT2 report."   This approach is already reflected in Draft #2
> circulated on Friday.  

I'm not sure I agree with this grammar. In general, the inclusion or non
inclusion of a pronoun before an acronym depends on the expanded version
of this acronym, thus ATRT2 expands to "Accountability & Transparency
Review Team 2". I'd therefore think that in the vast majority of cases,
it would be "The ATRT2 does this, the ATRT2 recommends that".

That said, I apologise for picking on an issue that's really a non issue
so I am fine with the choices which were made. Please do not waste any
more time on this.

Kindest regards,

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