[atrt2] small items on the recommendations in Draft #3 (Clean)

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sun Dec 29 19:12:03 UTC 2013


I don't think any of these are contentful, except maybe the last one, 
but probably not even that one.

Am now going to try and read through the rest of it for one last time.


page 2

only an assessment of ICANN’s implementation of those Recommendations only

(double 'only')

in 9.5 page 8

don't need both the parenthetical with url and the footnote with the url.

page 10

it believes that it may establish gTLD policy7  in the event that the

(in line footnote number in wrong font.)

page 11

12.4.  In order to improve accountability and transparency  ICANN’s 
Board should base the yearly budgets on a multi-annual strategic plan 
and corresponding financial framework [covering e.g. a three-year 
period]. This rolling plan and framework should reflect the planned 
activities and the corresponding expenses in that multi-annual period. 
This should include specified budgets for the ACs and SOs. ICANN’s 
[yearly] financial reporting shall ensure that it is possible to track 
ICANN’s activities and the related expenses with particular focus on the 
implementation of the [yearly] budget. The financial report shall be 
subject to public consultation.

(what does it mean that some text is in square brackets.  Is it using 
diplomatic  convention of listing controversial text that way. It is the 
only instance in the recommendations of [] so I don't understand their 
usage. Should they be parenthesis? )

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