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Brian, et al,

Thanks!  I will read carefully this week, and I will pay special attention to your collective comments re benchmarking.


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> On Dec 30, 2013, at 10:14 AM, Brian Cute <bcute at pir.org> wrote:
> ATRT2,
> Attached is the Final Report and Recommendations that I will send to the Board on our behalf.  The final version of the Final Report and Recommendations reflects the input from "editors" received over the past  two weeks.   A redlined version of the Final Report that reflects those edits is also attached.  Thank you to all for their focus and effort to the end of the drafting process.  Please note a few items:  Lise and Joergen's December 28, 2013 email offered clarification concerning the intent behind Recommendation 12.3 and benchmarking.  Given my own experience at Public Interest Registry, clear benchmarking and flexibility in organizational benchmarking exercises are both important factors that provide an organization appropriate measures as well as the ability to effectively staff and manage its operations.  Steve, I hope the email provides some guidance in response to your email request to Lise and Joergen when you address implementation issues. 
>  Also, I added a statement to Appendix E concerning the One World Trust Report on metrics as follows:  "Staff provided a confidential copy of the One World Trust report to ATRT2 on December 17, 2013.  The copy was provided on a confidential basis because it was a work in progress and because One World Trust and ICANN Staff were working out details with respect to the Report.  Given the timing of the submission, the One World Trust report was not discussed in detail by ATRT2 and did not figure into the Final Report and Recommendations of ATRT2.  As part of One World Trust’s data gathering at the outset of its work, the Chair of ATRT2 was interviewed along with other members of the Community.  Also, a public session was held at the ICANN Buenos Aires meeting where One World Trust discussed certain aspects of its report in progress and engaged in Q&A with the Community.  ATRT2 expects that ICANN Staff will make the One World Trust report available to the Community and that action to adopt metrics will be communicated and will serve as a basis for future review teams to measure ICANN’s progress on implementation of Recommendations."     
> Finally, thank you to everyone for their efforts on this important exercise.  I want to recognize the support provided by ICANN throughout the process led by Denise and her staff.  As "newcomers" to ICANN AoC Reviews, Larisa and Charla provided excellent support with great attention to detail and Alice, who has more experience with the day-to-day workings of AoC Review processes than anyone, provided seasoned guidance throughout.  Much appreciation to the Work Stream Chairs, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, David Conrad, Michael Yakushev and Fiona Asonga for taking on the responsibility and time to develop the work throughout the process.  Thank you Avri, Lise and Alan for serving as Vice Chairs and guiding the work of ATRT2 throughout.  Finally, thanks to Paul Diaz from Public Interest Registry who did yeoman's work in managing the Draft Report and Final Report to ensure a quality product was delivered.  This is how much of ICANN's work gets accomplished.  
> Best regards,
> Brian
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