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Dear All,

on such a special date )and on target) I want to add just a few words to
the nice message of my spanish speaking collegue Michael:



2013/12/30 Michael Yakushev <m.yakushev at gmail.com>

> Dear Brian, dear colleagues,
> being citizen of a country that will be the first to meet New Year 2014,
> I'd like to congratulate you all with the finalization of the excellent
> work, where all of us had a real pleasure to participate, and to wish a
> prosperous and productive coming year!
> Year 2013 was great in the sense that we've managed to accomplish the task
> of the ATRT2 and to prepare a very important, very comprehensive and very
> substantial document. Finally, this year was great because we have had a
> chance to meet, to work together, and to become friends.
> I would also like to express my personal and very special thanks
> - to Brian, our wise and patient Chair, and to his hardworking and
> creative Vice-Chairs,
> - to Alice, Charla, Larisa, and all other ICANN staff who supported us
> this year,
> - to Steve, Larry, Heather and Fadi, who were (and ARE) our real friends
> and did their best for us,
> - to all of you, my dear colleagues.
> Happy New Year !!! (not to mention 'merry Christmas' that comes to Russia
> - as many things unfortunately do :) - much later than to the rest of the
> world...)
> See you again!
> Yours,
> Michael Yakushev
> 2013/12/30 Steve Crocker <steve at shinkuro.com>
>> Brian, et al,
>> Thanks!  I will read carefully this week, and I will pay special
>> attention to your collective comments re benchmarking.
>> Steve
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>> On Dec 30, 2013, at 10:14 AM, Brian Cute <bcute at pir.org> wrote:
>>  ATRT2,
>>  Attached is the Final Report and Recommendations that I will send to
>> the Board on our behalf.  The final version of the Final Report and
>> Recommendations reflects the input from "editors" received over the past
>> two weeks.   A redlined version of the Final Report that reflects those
>> edits is also attached.  Thank you to all for their focus and effort to the
>> end of the drafting process.  Please note a few items:  Lise and Joergen's
>> December 28, 2013 email offered clarification concerning the intent behind
>> Recommendation 12.3 and benchmarking.  Given my own experience at Public
>> Interest Registry, clear benchmarking *and *flexibility in
>> organizational benchmarking exercises are both important factors that
>> provide an organization appropriate measures as well as the ability to
>> effectively staff and manage its operations.  Steve, I hope the email
>> provides some guidance in response to your email request to Lise and
>> Joergen when you address implementation issues.
>>   Also, I added a statement to Appendix E concerning the One World Trust
>> Report on metrics as follows:  "Staff provided a confidential copy of
>> the One World Trust report to ATRT2 on December 17, 2013.  The copy was
>> provided on a confidential basis because it was a work in progress and
>> because One World Trust and ICANN Staff were working out details with
>> respect to the Report.  Given the timing of the submission, the One
>> World Trust report was not discussed in detail by ATRT2 and did not figure
>> into the Final Report and Recommendations of ATRT2.  As part of One
>> World Trust’s data gathering at the outset of its work, the Chair of ATRT2
>> was interviewed along with other members of the Community.  Also, a
>> public session was held at the ICANN Buenos Aires meeting where One World
>> Trust discussed certain aspects of its report in progress and engaged in
>> Q&A with the Community.  ATRT2 expects that ICANN Staff will make the
>> One World Trust report available to the Community and that action to adopt
>> metrics will be communicated and will serve as a basis for future review
>> teams to measure ICANN’s progress on implementation of Recommendations."
>>  Finally, thank you to everyone for their efforts on this important
>> exercise.  I want to recognize the support provided by ICANN throughout the
>> process led by Denise and her staff.  As "newcomers" to ICANN AoC Reviews,
>> Larisa and Charla provided excellent support with great attention to detail
>> and Alice, who has more experience with the day-to-day workings of AoC
>> Review processes than anyone, provided seasoned guidance throughout.  Much
>> appreciation to the Work Stream Chairs, Olivier Crepin-Leblond, David
>> Conrad, Michael Yakushev and Fiona Asonga for taking on the responsibility
>> and time to develop the work throughout the process.  Thank you Avri, Lise
>> and Alan for serving as Vice Chairs and guiding the work of ATRT2
>> throughout.  Finally, thanks to Paul Diaz from Public Interest Registry
>> who did yeoman's work in managing the Draft Report and Final Report to
>> ensure a quality product was delivered.  This is how much of ICANN's
>> work gets accomplished.
>>  Best regards,
>> Brian
>> <ATRT2 Final Report and Recommendations.docx>
>> <ATRT2 Final Report - Draft #5 (redlined).docx>
>> <Appendix A - Final Report - ATRT2 GNSO PDP Review.pdf>
>> <Appendix B - WHOIS Assessment.docx>
>> <Appendix C - SSR Assessment Draft #3 (clean).docx>
>> <Appendix D ­ ICANN Board Resolutions Review Draft #3 (clean).docx>
>> <Appendix E - Observations concering the ATRT process.docx>
>> <Appendix E - Observationsconcering the ATRT process Draft#4
>> (redlined).docx>
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