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That's high praise and well-deserved, too. Thanks, Zahid.

Zahid Jamil <zahid at dndrc.com> wrote:

Thought this may give some background of BC efforts on the STI.


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Hi All,
I would like to add my warm thoughts to the ones voiced on this list,
and appreciation for all that has been shared.
First, great tx to all for wrapping up just in time for the Jewish
Festival of Lights (Happy Hanukah to all who are celebrating!)

*As I think about the history of the STI, I would like to thank:
**Zahid *for starting the STI process in such a positive way. Zahid is
the founder of the Common Grounds paper, the builder of bridges, and
bringer of different views to the table. He knew the work had to begin
in Seoul, and he led the way with great skill, thought and work.

*Paul and Mark* for sharing their expertise and sharing their insight.
On notices, forum-shopping, appeals, and other issues, we took the
matters offline and spent hours in discussion, and thought. Now I know
what happens when people of different viewpoints meet and work -- the
result is a better one!  A special tx to Paul who showed me the process
can even be fun :-).

*David and Jon* for excellent chairing and facilitation of discussion -
you allowed all views to be heard and still moved the discussion
forward. A real feat!

*Jeff and Jeff *for sharing information (on and offline) about how
things really work, and Jeff N's special insight as "Father of the IP
Claims" :-)

*Margie *for capturing so much so well.
To All: great thanks for an ICANN experience that moved fast and well
thanks to everyone's to the dedication and work of all.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

> I would like to say for the record what a fantastic job David and Jon
> did at chairing and substitute chairing, respectively, this process.
> Your patience and creative problem solving really helped move the ball
> forward.
> A special thanks also to staff, especially Margie, who did a excellent
> job of keeping us informed and productive and whose first rate work is
> reflected in the report.
> To my fellow team members, especially Kathy, thank you for good humor
> and good faith in these discussions.
> Happiest of Holidays to all!
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