[bc-gnso] Call for volunteers for Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery - PDP Working Group

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I would be very interested in participating.

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Please let the BC secretariat know if you wish to participate as the BC

The GNSO Council at its meeting on 24 June 2009 passed a resolution on
Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery - PDP Working Group Charter

Each constituency, and the liaisons, are invited  to provide names of expected
participants who can then be added to the WG mailing list. Other stakeholders
and experts may be invited to join the WG by the GNSO Council. Community members
who wish to be invited to join the group should contact the GNSO secretariat
<gnso.secretariat[at]icann.org> and the invitations will be reviewed by the GNSO


To form a Working Group composed of Constituency representatives as well as
interested stakeholders in order to develop potential policy and/or best
practices to address the issues covered, while seeking additional information as
appropriate to inform the work. The WG will also be open to invited experts and
to members or representatives of the ICANN Advisory Committees, whether acting
in their own right or as representatives of their AC.

The Working Group initially shall:

1. Pursue the availability of further information from ICANN compliance staff to
understand how current RAA provisions and consensus policies regarding deletion,
auto-renewal, and recovery of domain names following expiration are enforced;

2. Review and understand the current domain name life cycle;

3. Review current registrar practices regarding domain name expiration, renewal,
and post-expiration recovery.

The Working Group shall then consider the following questions:

1. Whether adequate opportunity exists for registrants to redeem their expired
domain names;

2. Whether expiration-related provisions in typical registration agreements are
clear and conspicuous enough;

3. Whether adequate notice exists to alert registrants of upcoming expirations;

4. Whether additional measures need to be implemented to indicate that once a
domain name enters the Auto-Renew Grace Period, it has expired (e.g., hold
status, a notice on the site with a link to information on how to renew, or
other options to be determined);

5. Whether to allow the transfer of a domain name during the RGP.

The Working Group is expected to organize an issue update / workshop at the
Seoul meeting, in addition to an update to the GNSO Council.

The Working Group should consider recommendations for best practices as well as
or instead of recommendations for Consensus Policy.

Working Group processes:

All WG meetings will be recorded and all recordings will be available to the
A PEDNR WG mailing list has been created (gnso-pednr-dt at icann.org) with public
archives at:http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-pednr-dt/. 

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