[bc-gnso] GNSO Stakeholder Group Charters public comment period extended to 23 July 2009

BC Secretariat secretariat at bizconst.org
Wed Jul 22 13:56:51 UTC 2009

Extension of Public Comment Period on GNSO Stakeholder Group Charters to 23 
July 2009

Explanation: As part of the comprehensive GNSO Improvements effort, last 
year the ICANN Board approved the formation of four new GNSO Stakeholder 
Groups (SGs). After considering proposed SG Charters that were submitted by 
the community and posted for public comment, the ICANN Board passed a 
Resolution in May directing its Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) and 
ICANN Staff to revise the SG Charters to make them consistent with the 
Board's GNSO Improvements Report (and related Resolutions). Stakeholder 
Groups are integral elements of a new, restructured GNSO, and are intended 
to be lightweight "caucuses" bringing together like-minded international 
groups (Constituencies) to elect the best representatives to fill the SG's 
allotted Council seats. Stakeholder Groups ensure that the ratio of Council 
seats among SGs remains the same while encouraging the formation of new 
Constituencies and the continued growth and diversification of the GNSO 
community. The overall GNSO Improvements effort and the role SGs will play 
in that arena is more fully described in the Stakeholder Group section of 
the GNSO Improvements Information Web Page.

The SIC provided the community with the revised charters listed below and 
discussed these documents during ICANN's recent Sydney meeting. The revised 
charters are posted here to further encourage public comment through 21 July 

Commercial SG Charter [PDF, 29K]
Non-Commercial SG Charter [PDF, 59K]
Registrars SG Charter [PDF, 60K]
Registries SG Charter [PDF, 117K]
 Staff Responsible: Robert Hoggarth

Deadline and How to Submit Comments: The SIC is opening a 21-day public 
consultation forum, from 30 June 2009 through 21 July 2009, and invites 
community comments on the revised SG charters.

To submit comments: Comments on the documents are welcome via email to 
gnso-stakeholder-charters at icann.org.

To view comments: An archive of all comments received will be publicly 
posted at http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-stakeholder-charters/

The public announcement of this forum can be viewed 

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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