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i like Marilyn's objective -- a strategic advocate of our role/ 
direction both as a constituency and as an organization (ICANN)  
relating to a worldwide community.

i'm not completely opposed, but it seems a shame to have to go outside  
our membership to find such a person.  it seems like we should be able  
to come up with a representative from within our ranks who can do a  
good job of helping us arrive at a widely shared/endorsed definition  
of that role and being an effective advocate for it on the NomCom.  in  
corpspeak, this seems like a great leadership-development  
opportunity.  :)

for those of you who are wondering who Michael Roberts is, he was the  
first CEO of ICANN and has been a member of the CBUC in the past.   
here's a link to an ICANNwiki page about him;



On Jul 29, 2009, at 9:46 AM, Marilyn Cade wrote:

> I think that discussions like this are better when they are general  
> in nature and not only statements between individuals.  So, I'll  
> thank Liz for her response on a more personal basis, but take this  
> back to a more general proposal and discussion for all BC members  
> interests.
> My proposal was that the BC members think more strategically about  
> NOT 'necessarily' requiring membership for a highly qualified  
> candidate from the business user community to be considered as a  
> NomCom member.
> Of course, within the BC and the GNSO, there are a lot of  
> improvements and changes underway. However, we all are aware that  
> the BC is about  GNSO policy areas, which is the primary purpose and  
> focus of the BC, as a constituency of the GNSO.
> That is very important, and of course, the BC elected councilors  
> will vote on two Board members elected from the GNSO Policy Council.
> However, the larger issues of concern about governance of the  
> organization are actually NOT about GNSO policy, but broader issues,  
> such as the stability of the organization, how it co exists in a  
> larger public policy arena that has the IGF, ITU as 'sister  
> players', and is also about an ever improved interaction between the  
> other parts of the stakeholder community.
> Some growth in BC membership would be great, and as the services of  
> the BC grow, and the merger with the other commercial user  
> constituencies takes place, we will probably be assessing how and  
> what to improve in the kinds of information and activities that are  
> going to support the GNSO "commercial user house".
> Selecting a very senior, highly respected leader like Mike might  
> lead to his being chosen as vice chair of the NomCom -- something  
> that won't happen if we are sending someone that is viewed as  
> tightly tied to particular policy perspectives. And, after all, the  
> Board selection is about governance -- not about GNSO policy  
> positions per se.
> At the same time, we need to recognize that the GNSO Policy Council  
> will be electing board members, and that the ALAC is seeking elected  
> board seats -- to achieve that change will take major changes in the  
> NomCom process.
> Reform and modification of the NomCom procedures/scope,  
> accountability, and some form of reasonable transparency are all  
> going to need work and attention.
> That won't be done by the folks are who are 'within' the NomCom, of  
> course, so is something to be aware of.
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> Subject: Re: [bc-gnso] Nominating Committee
> Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 13:15:20 +0100
> Marilyn
> I would welcome Mike Robert's participation in the BC.   As one of  
> three members [David Fares and Mike O'Connor are the others) of the  
> BC Credentials Committee, it would be tremendous to receive an  
> application from him. However, asking him, or anyone else, to join  
> the BC for the purpose of standing for election as the BC's  
> representative to the Nominating Committee seems to be rather a  
> stretch.
> I can think of many existing members in the BC who would do an  
> admirable job in a highly complex environment which is very time  
> consuming.  I would also suggest that intimate knowledge of the  
> challenges of the Business Constituency in a transitioning  
> organisation is critical as is a commitment to the broader ICANN  
> community.
> As to your comments about "improving the BC presence" in the  
> Nominating Committee, the existing representatives (Phil Lodico and  
> I) are always open to suggestions for improvements.  We have both  
> provided regular updates to the BC but cannot, under the strict  
> confidentiality rules of the Nominating Committee provide more  
> detailed notes about the workings of the Committee itself.  Of  
> course, everything about the Nominating Committee that can be made  
> public (that is everything but candidate names and their details) is  
> available here http://nomcom.icann.org/
> Kind regards.
> Liz
> On 29 Jul 2009, at 12:57, Marilyn Cade wrote:
> I've reviewed the requirements for Nom Committee appointments, and I  
> see that actually, we can nominate someone who is not a BC member,  
> but is from the business community. I have not yet approached Mike  
> Roberts, but call all members attention to that long standing role  
> that Mike has had in the Internet, standing up ICANN, and being a BC  
> member. He is a micro enterprise owner, and highly respected around  
> the globe.
> Perhaps we should be thinking more broadly, and more globally, about  
> 'recruiting' someone like Mike for the NomComm.
> I am going to reach out to Mike to 'test' whether he would stand for  
> selection from the BC.
> We would certainly 'improve' BC presence by selecting someone like  
> Mike, or his counterpart from another part of the globe.
> Business has the ability to think creatively. I'd like to see more  
> of that from 'us'. Perhaps other members have ideas about business  
> people from other parts of the globe that we might nominate. I also  
> know a CEO from Egypt rather well, and we could also consider  
> someone like that for the NomComm role. We would need to organize a  
> 'support/briefing' team, but some of those who have been on the  
> NomCom could offer to do those briefings, with an open conference  
> call for all BC members interested to listen in.
> Marilyn Cade
> ICT Strategies
> mCADE llc
> micro enterprise member of BC

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