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I disagree, Liz. There are cases where prior rights do exist. We all have to recognize that just like the GNSO reform is highly flawed, although it has been underway even longer, the GTLD policy recommendations have many serious flaws", and inadequacies. 

I already noted that I would not support the letter, and support abstention. But I respond now because I actually disagree with your point about parties having rights to object. We all have to understand that governments, as sovereign states, do not give up certain responsibilities for public policy irregardless of where they are "working" 

The .tavel and .info registries launched with reserve list of country names at the second level. I see no reason for that not to provide an approach that is scalable, but there will still have to be an objection process. In my personal view.  
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The critical element is that one set of objectors cannot have a power of veto that others do not.  An objector cannot also unfairly undermine legitimate which with they may just happen to disagreed.  Circumventing a specialised process is exactly what 2.5 years of policy development was supposed to prevent.

I support the Council's position.



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