[bc-gnso] IRT Final Report Not Published by May 24, 2009

George Kirikos icann at leap.com
Wed May 27 08:41:05 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

According to the ICANN Board resolution that created the IRT:


it was tasked to:

"produce a final report to be published no later than 24 May 2009"

It is now May 27, 2009, and no final report has been made public
either on ICANN's website, the comment forum,


or on the IRT wiki:


Assuming they have missed their deadline, while at the same time they
imposed unrealistic deadlines upon companies and individuals not in
the IRT to submit comments, I think it's safe to declare the entire
process a complete and utter failure.

As a consensus does not exist on how to solve these and other
overarching issues related to new gTLDs, the entire new gTLD program
should be shelved so that the community no longer wastes valuable time
and resources on doomed projects. ICANN needs to admit failure and
move on, in order to preserve any last scintilla of legitimacy it
imagines itself to possess. The community focus should instead be
placed upon important matters like DNSSEC and IPv6. The NTIA/DOC/DOJ
should give more direct instructions to ICANN in this regard to
reiterate its past letters on new gTLDs:



George Kirikos

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