[bc-gnso] Pre-registrations for new TLDs

BC Secretariat secretariat at bizconst.org
Wed May 27 16:15:42 UTC 2009

Forwarded on behalf of Liz Williams

Hello everyone
I don't know whether members of the group follow the LinkedIn group on Top 
Level Domains but this article appeared yesterday.
Date: 27 May 2009 06:08:38 GMT+01:00
Subject: From Corluy Bert and other Top Level Domains group members on 
Linkedin Groups May 26, 2009

Top Level Domains
300,000 Pre-Registrations for new gTLDs in One Month2 comments »

Is there any information on how those 300.000 break down over the different 
TLD's? Even given the fact that this is all virtual (some of those TLD's 
might never make the cut) this could be usefull data.

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