[bc-gnso] JPA/ICANN Oversight Hearing in DC next week

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
Fri May 29 18:59:08 UTC 2009

I do plan to be at the hearing and consequently will be unable to join the Sydney planning call.

I'll be happy to share my written report on the hearing with BC members. 

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Hi folks,

I forgot to mention, there's also a meeting on June 4, 2009 (next
Thursday) at 10:00 am in Washington, DC, of the US House Subcommittee
on Communications, Technology and the Internet:


on the "Oversight of ICANN", and Paul Twomey will be there. If any BC
members attend, they might want to provide summaries to the
constituency. According to the minutes of the latest ICANN Board


"Staff reported that the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on
Communications, Technology, and the Internet scheduled a hearing on
the Joint Project Agreement and other ICANN related issues including
new gTLDs on 4 June 2009 and invited Dr. Twomey to appear as a

Given that our own BC conference call is currently scheduled just 1
hour after the start of the above meeting, if many BC members in the
DC area (or flying in from outside DC) are planning to attend the
hearing in person, perhaps it might be wise to adjust the timing of
our own conference call....


George Kirikos

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