[bc-gnso] BC call next week

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Thu Oct 1 09:56:43 UTC 2009

Regarding part 1 of the BC call next week we plan to start the discussion with
some broader principles / practicalities on these points.
A few members provided personal comments already on list which has been helpful.
If we can come to agreement on these, it will help inform some of the broader
shaping questions raised in the new Charter.
Issue 1 - the balance between doers and members
What is the right balance between the number of annually elected positions and
the membership size ?
Today (and for the last 10 years) it is 3/41 members.
Draft charter changes it to 5/41 members.
The draft charter also envisages other admin committees totalling with the
elected positions 13/41.
Do we have one-third of the BC membership ready to step into one of these
volunteer positions? 
What is the right balance between elected, appointed and ad hoc ? 
Is there sufficient motivation to be a member volunteer for mostly non-policy
Should we scale this back ?

Issue 2 - election sequencing and time for discussion
Is there a hierarchy of posts in the new charter for which we would want to have
sequential elections?
Should we attempt to elect reps and exec comm all at the same time and make them
mutually exclusive?
Or should we hold the reps election, then BC chair, then each vice chair?
If the latter what nomination / discussion / election period is practical?
If we followed one member proposal for 2 weeks of each and assume 7 separate
elections we could be conducting elections for 42 weeks!
What is the right balance?

Issue 3 - balance of independence
As ICANN starts to offer more services what degree of independence do we want as
a constituency?
Do members wish to authorise the release of their private data to enable ICANN
staff for instance in the future to run BC elections?
Do members wish to entrust ICANN with the funds in the BC bank account? 
Or should the ICANN toolbox be a basket of services that the exec comm can
choose from? 

Issues 4 -  other points members wish to raise.

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