[bc-gnso] two topics: thanking Gary and organization of the ICANN meetings

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 4 15:10:29 UTC 2009

I join others in thanking Gary Hills for his contribution to the BC and the ICANN community over the last 9 years. WOW, Gary, I didn't realize it was already nine years! Many many thanks. I have always regretted that we were not bringing you, as our secretariat to more of the face to face meetings, and appreciate that you changed your other business commitments many times to participate with us when possible ' in person'. 
Second topic: I would like to propose that we discuss a major change in how the meetings at ICANN are organized. Consider it a "food for thought" proposal, that means: let's discuss it, as one option, taking into consideration the changes that are upcoming as we merge into the CSG, and also have to have productive interactions with the other non contracted house. 
We could start with a constituency meeting on Sunday afternoon/the day before ICANN starts; hold the present Cross Constituency meeting, but spend the afternoon Tuesday in meetings and dialogue with other constituencies or the At Large; ensure that all are available to attend the full meeting of the Bd/GAC as it is now open. I think that many of our members don't actually feel that we are devoting enough time to working through positions. Face to face meetings are challenging for us, because we need to have our meetings ahead of time by phone and develop the basis for positions then. 
We will need to factor into our thinking that we will have to have the meeting of the two non contracted parties on site, as well, and that may eat up some of the Tuesday p.m. time. 
It might be an excellent idea to invite the three newly appointed non commercial reps into a small get acquainted setting, as well. 

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