[bc-gnso] Ballot for a new BC Charter

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Tue Oct 13 20:22:30 UTC 2009

hi all,

i'd like to join the chorus of people who are raising concerns about  
this charter, and the process by which it is going to be adopted.   
sorry i'm so late to the party but i'm ferrying my son's car to him  
and have been on the road all day.

Philip, i volunteered to help with revisions to the charter but didn't  
hear from you last week.  i just want to make it clear to the group  
that i wasn't involved in preparing this draft and don't support it.   
like others, i find it still doesn't address the due-process concerns  
that have been raised and were discussed on the member teleconference.

i'll try to get back on the list with some more constructive  
suggestions once i've had a chance to look things over, but this  
charter's a non-starter in my view.


On Oct 13, 2009, at 7:08 AM, BC Secretariat wrote:

> Dear Members
> Ballot on revised BC Charter
> At the request of the BC Officers and with reference to the message  
> below, I have today opened a 7-day voting period for the newly  
> revised BC Charter.
> A majority approval vote means the new Charter will be adopted. A  
> majority non-approval vote means the Charter will not be adopted.
> A ballot form is attached. Each member organisation has one vote.  
> The vote should be placed by the principle BC contact for the  
> membership organsiation or by notified proxy. I will apply weighted  
> voting when I receive your ballot form. All ballots will be  
> acknowledged.
> The voting period closes at midnight in your time zone on Monday 19  
> October 2009. Ballots cannot be accepted after this time.
> Best wishes
> Gary
> ----------------------------------------------------
> We would like to ask all members to cast their vote in favour of the  
> attached revised BC Charter.
> A definitive PDF version is attached.
> A Word version showing recent track changes is also provided for  
> information.
> The Charter accommodates necessary changes for the re-structured  
> GNSO in which the stakeholder groups provide representatives to the  
> GNSO council.
> As such the BC will move from a situation in which its three GNSO  
> representatives were also BC Officers, to a separation of these roles.
> There will be a new executive committee with a chair and two vice- 
> chairs in addition to the two representatives to the GNSO Council.
> The Charter also includes other changes recommended by members and  
> ICANN staff based on learning since the last Charter.
> The officers have done their best to accommodate all member  
> perspectives given the diversity of those perspectives.
> The Board has requested Constituencies complete work on Charter  
> revision by Seoul.
> Zahid Jamil
> Mike Rodenbaugh
> Philip Sheppard
> BC Officers<BC charter 2009 final for vote.pdf><BC charter 2009  
> v15.doc><Ballot Form Charter 2009.doc>

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