[bc-gnso] Ballot for a new BC Charter -- suggestion on how to proceed -- "interim" charter, followed by thoughtful revision

Liz Williams lizawilliams at mac.com
Wed Oct 14 13:08:57 UTC 2009


Great that you have a long drive -- it stimulates the brain cells.

I like this idea as it gives incentives for those that have opposing/ 
different/alternative ideas to present them in a cogent and complete  
way given that it seems a vote now is premature.  It assumes that  
there is some kind of election to enable this to move forward?

Best wishes and drive carefully.

On 14 Oct 2009, at 14:05, Mike O'Connor wrote:

> hello all,
> given that time is short, and we need to have a charter in place at  
> Seoul, how about this for an idea?
> - put forth at least two competing charters and vote between them,  
> rather than on just one.  maybe one of the proposed charters could  
> be based on the staff-supplied charter template?  either way the  
> vote comes out, we'll have a charter (plus a sense of which charter  
> approach the group prefers).
> - approve an instruction to the (new) officers that we revise that  
> interim charter in an orderly/thoughtful/less-harried way over the  
> next three (two?  six?) months
> just a quick thought before jumping back into my submarine (er, car)  
> for another rainy day of driving to New Orleans.
> mikey
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>> Behalf Of BC Secretariat
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 8:09 AM
>> To: bc-gnso at icann.org
>> Subject: [bc-gnso] Ballot for a new BC Charter
>> Dear Members
>> Ballot on revised BC Charter
>> At the request of the BC Officers and with reference to the message  
>> below, I have today opened a 7-day voting period for the newly  
>> revised BC Charter.
>> A majority approval vote means the new Charter will be adopted. A  
>> majority non-approval vote means the Charter will not be adopted.
>> A ballot form is attached. Each member organisation has one vote.  
>> The vote should be placed by the principle BC contact for the  
>> membership organsiation or by notified proxy. I will apply weighted  
>> voting when I receive your ballot form. All ballots will be  
>> acknowledged.
>> The voting period closes at midnight in your time zone on Monday 19  
>> October 2009. Ballots cannot be accepted after this time.
>> Best wishes
>> Gary
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> We would like to ask all members to cast their vote in favour of  
>> the attached revised BC Charter.
>> A definitive PDF version is attached.
>> A Word version showing recent track changes is also provided for  
>> information.
>> The Charter accommodates necessary changes for the re-structured  
>> GNSO in which the stakeholder groups provide representatives to the  
>> GNSO council.
>> As such the BC will move from a situation in which its three GNSO  
>> representatives were also BC Officers, to a separation of these  
>> roles.
>> There will be a new executive committee with a chair and two vice- 
>> chairs in addition to the two representatives to the GNSO Council.
>> The Charter also includes other changes recommended by members and  
>> ICANN staff based on learning since the last Charter.
>> The officers have done their best to accommodate all member  
>> perspectives given the diversity of those perspectives.
>> The Board has requested Constituencies complete work on Charter  
>> revision by Seoul.
>> Zahid Jamil
>> Mike Rodenbaugh
>> Philip Sheppard
>> BC Officers
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