[bc-gnso] GNSO Council chair elections?

Zahid Jamil zahid at dndrc.com
Wed Oct 14 15:19:41 UTC 2009

Dear All,

My name for Vice Chair is still something I am considering.  Just thought I'd let everyone know.  Workload is of some concern. Also the choice of Chair may impact how much workload is by default going to have to be handled by Vice Chair.


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Thank you for this brief update. I think that the members of the BC really need to be kept up to date on such topics. 
What are the duties of the Vice Chair, for instance, and how will this new duty affect the representation of the BC? I am sure that we are all interested in supporting a BC Vice Chair for the 'house', but am not at this point clear on how that process works, and how the preferences and interests of the members are taken into account. 

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Subject: [bc-gnso] GNSO Council chair elections?
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There are two chair 
nominations to date:
Stephan Van Gelder 
(registrar) - supported by the R&Rs,
Olga Cavalli (non 
com) - supported by NCSG.
We have proposed 
Zahid as vice chair of our House.
BC members input 
most welcome.
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