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Thu Oct 22 14:44:10 UTC 2009

Posted on behalf of the Officers

Sarah, Rick, Waudo thank you for your concrete suggestions for change.
Attached is a v18 of the charter showing tracked changes.
These changes include most of the helpful clarifications on wording from 

On the issue of divisional separation, given the opposite views of Sarah and
Rick, there is no change.
However, its worth noting, this is the same wording as the current charter.
There have not been any significant issues with the current wording.

Waudo's points about regional separation for the two Council reps are well 
and are already covered in article 5.1.
The reps are also technically from the CSG NOT the constituency, so we have 
read this concept in line with the Board-adopted CSG charter which has the
following article 8.1:
"8.1 ensure that the Recognised Constituencies adopt internal procedures in
selecting six (6) GNSO Council representatives such that no more than 3 of 
the 6
may be domiciled in the same "Geographic Region" (as defined in the ICANN

In view of this late discussion on the BC charter, the Officers propose we
continue discussion in Seoul next week, with a view to moving to a vote
immediately thereafter.

BC Officers

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