[bc-gnso] Can we have a huddle at 17:00 today for the BC Members who are here?

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Excellent idea.  I will be there both tonight and tomorrow 




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Dear colleagues,


It seems that there are about 18 or so BC members attending the meeting,
from Gary's email. That is excellent turn out and offers a lot of input
from membership regarding making decisions and maintaining interaction
among the BC membership while here at Seoul.  Therefore, I would like to
suggest we huddle tonight to talk about many of the things that have
surfaced in today's discussions.  There are a lot of topics on the
agenda for the BC that deserve membership discussion before the CSG
meets on Tuesday a.m., at least informally.  Clearly, these discussions
should be held among all members, but in lieu of that possibility, a
huddle with those present would give the BC Councilors some direction.


It is tough to find time to 'huddle' as a constituency over the weekend,
but I think that of the 17-18 members, most will be here by Sunday.
There is a one hour time slot from 18:00 - 19:00 Sunday, after all the
working groups, after the Joint GAC/GNSO meeting, and before the
Councilors go off to their Board/Council dinner. 


I am recommending a huddle in the bar at 17:00 tonight; and another one
tomorrow at 18:00. 


Can the BC members who are here please advise if they could attend?  


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

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