[bc-gnso] FW: [council] Confirmation of new practice at face to face open council meetings

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Fyi below from the Council Chair, in response to the attached email string
begun by me, and subsequent discussion of Council this morning.  I have had
these very strong feelings for a long time now, and various less formal
efforts to remedy the situation have not been effective.  

The Council appears nearly unanimous in support of the concept that
Councilors should be given every opportunity to speak at Council meetings,
and any public comment periods within the weekend meetings will be
structured more as they are in the large public Council meetings held on
Wednesday of the ICANN meetings.  This is an effort to make Council more
efficient, and to allow Councilors to do their jobs without constant
interruptions from non-representative individuals.  Of course, there are
many other opportunities for such individuals to voice their comments and
questions through the GNSO's bottom-up, open and transparent policy
development practices, including the BC's internal practices.

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After this mornings meeting I wanted to confirm several actions that I took
away from the meeting:

1. the seats at the table for open council meetings will be reserved for
council members, liaisons and relevant staff.  Chair, vice-chair
(s) and staff will request that others take the observers seats.  For future
meetings name placards will be requested to those to be seated at the table.

2. the observers will be requested to queue at the microphones, and the
chair will be responsible for giving them the floor at appropriate points,
though precedence for speaking will be given to those around the table.

3. any further changes to the practices at open meetings will be discussed
by the new council at its discretion.

Please let me know if I have misinterpreted the will of that meeting.

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