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Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Mon Oct 26 13:17:59 UTC 2009

well.  i had great plans to stay up late and try to participate in the  
various meetings, but it's clear that's not going to happen -- the  
Constituency meetings are going to kick off at midnight my time and  
carry on through the rest of the night.  i'm just not as young as i  
used to be i guess.  :-)

i've been avidly following the conversation and hope that you will  
continue to post to the list.  no detail is too minute for us fans who  
are following the play by play.

a few thoughts

regarding the IRT findings

i'm very impressed with the emphasis on collegiality and collaboration  
that i've seen in the comments so far.  i hope that you can continue  
in that vein and thus make a broadly-supported substantive proposal in  
that area.  kudos to all, and especially Zahid for his periodic  
"Scoop" posts.  Phil Corwin speaks with my voice on that issue.

regarding the charter

spread the work -- the more the better -- many hands make light work  
and provide opportunities for sunlight to shine in (i like all of  
Marilyn's suggestions, especially the one about separate CSG  

elect rather than appoint -- more opportunities to get to know new  
people and their points of view

provide due process -- another opportunity for sunlight, especially  
when it comes to dealing with issues of conflict with existing members

strengthen accountability -- i know, a touchy subject, but it needs to  
be addressed.  again, i like Marilyn's suggestion of moving from 2- 
year to 1-year terms.  perhaps there are other things we can consider  
as well.

treat this as an interim step -- i have a feeling we'll want to reopen  
this discussion once the dust has settled.  but we need a charter in  
order to meet the requirements of the moment and leaving some of these  
issues for another day may be the best way through this patch.

regarding the secretariat

shed as much work as possible -- there are lots of creative avenues to  
explore before we determine whether we need a dedicated Secretariat  
like we have today.

leave options open -- this is the wrong time to nail down this one,  
there are fast-breaking policy issues that you need to concentrate on  
this week.

carry on people.  i'm really sorry i can't be there, but the final  
meeting of my Minnesota Broadband Taskforce is this week and, since i  
drafted most of the report, i've got a lot on my plate this week.  but  
you're doing great, and navigating well through a complex situation.   
i'm REALLY keen on those nightly "huddles" that seem to be emerging.


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