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Chris Chaplow chris at andalucia.com
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Pleased to see the BC fares better than other constituencies.

Timely as I independently raised this 'problem' with the CCT a few day ago
and asked for an attendance to be appendixed to the final report.

I for one believe that if you volunteer and step forward for a work team,
you should do the utmost to actively participate on the call and in the
draft documents.  You are carrying the constituency name with you.   If
personal events make this unattainable - then back to the constituency for
help or substitution.   Too many just abandoned my teams, happily not BC

Perhaps it is plain business ethics ingrained in the BC.

We do need more outreach and more active members to keep this up though. 

Well done team.  

Come on board, hurry up it is 3am and I have work tomorrow.

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There is no reply required on this.  The Council discussed it yesterday, it
is mostly unsurprising but all agreed that we continually need to strive for
better participation, and to prioritize the GNSO's vast workload.  The
Council will engage in exercises in the next few weeks to do that
prioritization, and of course we will keep this list in the loop for input
as that progresses.

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hm.  opened up fine for me Gary.  might be a plumbing problem.  :-)

i'm assuming we should reply directly to Denise on this one?


On Oct 29, 2009, at 2:26 AM, BC Secretariat wrote:

> Dear Members
> Please see below from Denise Michel. I'm having problems opening the
> attached Word document. If members have similar problems I'll ask  
> Denise to
> repost
> Gary
> ---------------------
> Dear GNSO Community Members:
> Policy Staff has done a high level analysis of constituency
> participation and attendance in GNSO working groups using recorded
> data for 11 groups from the beginning of 2008 to early September 2009.
> We looked at 5 gTLD-related working groups and 6 GNSO
> improvements-related working groups underway during this period.
> The attached report and related spreadsheets is intended as an inquiry
> to encourage further community investigation and discussion about GNSO
> workload and prioritization of tasks, as well as future work processes
> and structures.  It does not purport to be a scientific or rigorous
> statistical examination nor does it attempt to identify hypotheses
> about specific underlying causes.
> We hope you find it useful and welcome any questions.
> Regards,
> Denise
> Denise Michel
> ICANN VP Policy
> <GNSO Participation Data Analysis-Findings for Council.doc><GNSO- 
> Council and WG Attendance Sept 09.xls>

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