[bc-gnso] Preliminary Report of ICANN Board meeting 27 Aug 2009

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Wed Sep 2 10:10:51 UTC 2009

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Preliminary notes from the ICANN Board meeting on 27 Aug 2009. Points of
interest to the GNSO:

- location of the June 2010 meeting will be Brussels

- Wolfgang Kleinwächter as the 2010 NomCom Chair

- the Board approved the Bylaws amendments to allow new Council to be seated at
the October 2009 ICANN meeting in Seoul  (note the Board did not specify any
need to be seated at the beginning of the week - to the new Council could be
seated at the end of the week if that is what the GNSO decides)

- the Board "acknowledges that amendments may be needed regarding the types of
new Constituencies that may be created in the future within the Non-Contracted
Parties House, and Board review of the overall Stakeholder Group and
Constituency structure is needed in the future"

- the Board also directed the Staff to "draft and post for public comment
additional proposed Bylaws amendments as necessary to facilitate the continued
transition to the new GNSO structures, processes and mechanisms, including but
not limited to amendments limiting the types of new Constituencies that may be
created in the future within the Non-Contracted Parties House."    (note this
picked up some of the discussion that has occurred on the GNSO Council list in
the last couple of weeks around the concerns of the commercial stakeholder group
on the formation of new constituencies)

- the Board will "review the structures and operations of Stakeholder Groups and
Constituencies in one year and every three years after that."  (this picked up
on the request from the non-commercial stakeholder group to review the charter
after a year).

- the Board decided not to go ahead with the recommendation of the Boston
Consulting Group to reduce its size

- the Board agreed in principle to "add one voting director appointed from the
At Large Community to the ICANN Board of Directors, and removing the present
ALAC Liaison to the Board"

Bruce Tonkin

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