[bc-gnso] Rick Anderson for Large-Business representative to the NomCom

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Wed Sep 2 13:22:40 UTC 2009

i support Rick in his bid to be our large-business representative to  
the NomCom and hope others will too.


On Sep 1, 2009, at 11:02 AM, Rick Anderson wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am delighted to join everyone else in offering hearty  
> congratulations to Mike on his selection to the NomCom.  His  
> experience, knowledge and perspective will bring terrific value to  
> the NomCom. He will do the BC proud as our representative.
> I think it also important to acknowledge the endless contributions  
> of Liz Williams, who works tirelessly to advance the BC ship in  
> ICANN's never-easy-to-navigate waters.
> Lastly, I wish to share with all of you fellow members that which I  
> conveyed to the BC officers and secretariat a couple of weeks ago,  
> which is that I would be delighted to serve as the BC's large  
> business rep on the NomCom if that is the will of the members. (I  
> had not volunteered at the outset, thinking there would be others  
> who would have stepped forward during the pre-election process.)
> By way of brief background, I am EVP of Interborder Holdings Ltd,  
> based in Canada.  We have operations in the US, Asia and Europe,  
> offering mutual fund and real estate-based investing to clients on  
> those three continents.  We have about 1,500 employees and do about  
> $3 billion in business annually.  We have no financial interest in  
> the domain name industry (eg as registries, registrars, portfolio  
> investors, etc) other than operating own proprietary websites in  
> support of our businesses (about two dozen websites, in six  
> languages, with perhaps another 500 related urls held defensively).   
> Like everyone in the BC, we wishing to see the internet continue to  
> flourish as an entrepreneurial and creative medium which finds the  
> proper continue balances amongst stakeholders.
> Personally, I have been involved with ICANN for about six years, and  
> have been a member of the BC for about that long, have attended  
> perhaps a dozen Board meetings (Argentina, India, Luxembourg, LA,  
> Vancouver, Montreal, Wellington, Cape Town, Rome, Paris...).  For  
> the past five or six years, I have also been an elected director of  
> CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration, the not-for-profit  
> organization mandated by the Government of Canada to operate the .ca  
> registry.
> I would be happy to represent the BC on the NomCom if that is your  
> wish.
> cheers/Rick
> Rick Anderson
> EVP, InterBorder Holdings Ltd
> email: randerson at interborder.ca
> cell: (403) 830-1798
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> Dear BC Members -
> I very much appreciate the confidence you have shown in electing me
> to the NomCom.  Within the bounds of the rules for NomCom members,
> I'll do my best to ensure that candidates that share our values and
> perspective on ICANN's challenges are named to the Board.
> I also will be pleased to have your comments and suggestions at any
> time.  Given my California base of operations, my email is perhaps
> best way to reach me routinely.  mmr at darwin.ptvy.ca.us
> - Mike Roberts
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