[bc-gnso] George Kirikos

Liz Williams lizawilliams at mac.com
Thu Sep 3 17:09:38 UTC 2009


I have copied below part of George's posting which relate to private  
discussions between him, the Officers and the Credentials Committee.

"Indeed, it's nice to see you stand up so publicly to talk about people
being treated "equitably." Where was that sense of equity, justice and
due process when you and the officers tried to have me removed from
the constituency in the past few weeks, issuing private "warnings",
convening a "star chamber" without any evidence or proof?"

His claims that I and other officers "tried to have me removed from  
the constituency" are false.

If he would like released the notes of a meeting he had with the  
Officers and three members of the Credentials Committee about his  
behaviour I am sure that be arranged.



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