[bc-gnso] George Kirikos

George Kirikos icann at leap.com
Thu Sep 3 17:20:08 UTC 2009


On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Liz Williams<lizawilliams at mac.com> wrote:
> If he would like released the notes of a meeting he had with the Officers
> and three members of the Credentials Committee about his behaviour I am sure
> that be arranged.
> Liz

Sure, why don't you release *all* the material, including the
ridiculous letters sent to me, without any evidence, including that of
August 17th? The "confidentiality" was insisted upon by your side to
protect you, not me. Let's have it all out, and see who is left
standing in the end.


George Kirikos

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