[bc-gnso] Revised BC Charter - discussion

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Thanks. Just wanted assurance that BC members will have a full opportunity to discuss and amend prior to adoption. Look forward to further details.

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Thanks for the reminder.
As stated in the original circulation a call is planned.
We hoped to have a call once grouped issues had emerged on list discussion, so that the call would be productive as opposed to a series of individual shopping lists. To date the input on the list has been somewhat individualistic thus posing challenges to a call structure.

Recent member requests, complaints and directions over the nom com election, a second ombudsman complaint, Seoul planning, and the challenge of time zones between the volunteer officers is also a factor. Members must please note there are consequences to sequential demands of this nature.

The reps are discussing strategies at present to meet the minimum needs of the constituency in time for Seoul and will revert to members shortly.


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