[bc-gnso] Committee appointments -- Credentials and Finance committees -- call for volunteers

Rick Anderson RAnderson at interborder.ca
Sat Feb 13 21:00:29 UTC 2010

I'll volunteer for the Finance Committee.


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hi all,

we have 3 open slots on these two committees (which are appointed by the Executive Committee for one-year terms)

	Finance Committee -- 2 positions

	Credentials Committee -- 1 position (mine)

here's a link to our charter if you would like more information about the duties of the committees;


neither of these committees will require travel to meet face-to-face.  most of the work will be done by email with the occasional teleconference.  my experience on the Credentials Committee was that typically there were 2-3 rounds of email for each applicant so it's a modest time commitment -- although it would be fantastic if we could deliver a deluge of applicants for the committee to review!  the Finance Committee is new, so there isn't any history there.  there is also a lot of work to do at the beginning (crafting a new budget, laying down some new processes), so the Finance Committee is likely to be a more demanding job.  at least for the first few months.

please consider helping out with these!  one of our goals is to broaden the participation in the leadership of the constituency and this is a great opportunity to do that.   i think we (the executive committee) would like to fill these slots quickly, either during or just after the Nairobi meeting.  so please do take a moment and decide whether these are activities that you would like to participate in -- and let us know if you do.  Here's a link to a really short survey where you can do that;




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