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in response to Ron's question about who is keeping track of BC attendees in Nairibo, Gary Hills, the secretariat is gathering that information [secretariat at bizconst.org]. I had asked him to gather names, arrival times, and hotels, and mobile phones if you want to be kept in touch with on ground, and that is a private /confidential document, of course. 
I also asked whether we would use a special short list for emails during the meeting, but I am thinking that given the number of members who are not traveling, that we should use the full list.  We can discuss this on Friday's members call to confirm members agreement. 
I do want to thank you and others for confirming your presence in Nairobi. [send an email to me directly, and copy Gary
Some updates:  I have just met with the other constituencies, along with Sarah Deutsch, the CSG rep,  and will work on whether we can switch the CSG and constituency meetings so that we can be a little friendlier for US and European time zones so would be more likely that members can participate in the CSG.  It may not be feasible, but have asked, with concurrence of other constituencies.   I think we should treat this meeting as 'special' and not try to do a lot of on ground work, since so many of our members are not traveling. That may mean that I'll call some 'extraordinary' members sessions via teleconference around the meeting to fill in, but that is a proposal, to be vetted with the ExeComm and members, and suited to what work needs to be advanced. 
At present, let me overview a few logistical items to begin to organize your time/diaries: 
Sunday night: local business community has organized a special dinner/reception, and I am working with our colleague, Waudo Siganga on that event. All from business will be invited. There will be separate invitations, but please 'hold' the date, if you are coming to Kenya ICANN. 
Monday: regular ICANN agenda, except we will consider special BC interactions and organize a 6 pm. Nairobi /remote update to our CSG members Tuesday: Breakfast for Board/all Cross Constituency attendees and special guests from ISPs, IPC and Business community -- locally [more on that]. the location is a hotel, and transportation will be provided back to the Center. Tuesday: Constituency and CSG meetings, GAC meeting with GNSO CouncilTuesday: 6p.m. remote consultation, similar to Monday update 
Wednesday and beyond: regular ICANN agenda/discussion on Members call re priorities and how to effect BC input during various sessions. 
BC Agenda: on Friday's members call, we will be trying to finalize a more formal agenda of topics for the meeting, keeping in mind that many of the BC members will be participating remotely. 

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Dear members,


For those keeping track of who is planning
to attend the Nairobi
meeting, this email is to confirm that I, too, will be attending.


Kind regards,




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This just in.
 I’m still planning to go.

Date:  Monday,
15 February 2010

ICANN's internal team – including staff from the US (California,
Texas, New Jersey),
France and Niger -
continued to meet daily over the weekend to discuss and share information
regarding the ICANN Nairobi meeting.

Today and last night, we had direct contact with the local Kenyan members of
the security planning committee, and there has been an enhanced, on the ground
commitment for additional security and this group will work closely with the
on-site security experts that ICANN has under contract. ICANN's security team
thinks these are strong, positive steps.

The Kenya National Intelligence Service (NISIS) has increased its efforts to
mitigate potential terrorist threats.   The Kenya Anti-terrorist
Police Unit (ATPU) is currently actively involved in the security planning
process and has already started to put detection, as well as other preventative
measures in place. The Kenya Diplomatic Protection unit has also been activated
to assist with the security of the conference. Additionally, covert and overt
security forces are being deployed at the KICC, hotels and venues where
official functions will be held. Additionally, the airport, and road from the
airport to hotels. will be actively monitored and patrolled by security forces.

It is important for delegates to understand that ensuring a safe conference is
a very important to the Government of Kenya.    The country
relies heavily on tourism and strives to be a preferred destination for
international conferences.  

We are all seeing community members starting to react to the situation in Kenya, as they
perceive it. There have been posted letters from Neustar and GoDaddy, among
others, indicating that they will not attend or send representatives. Also, the
Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) has decided to hold an alternative meeting
in New York.

Others in the community are re-confirming their attendance in Nairobi. In a note from ccNSO Chair, Chris
Disspain, to be posted today, he has confirmed that the ccNSO is expecting to
participate in the Nairobi
meeting, as planned, with all or most all counselors in attendance. Less
formally, I've heard that many in At Large have expressed the same view.

So, where does this leave all of us?

The first order of business, is that ICANN will continue to monitor the status
in Nairobi, and
will share all relevant information with the community, in accordance with our
goal to be fully transparent . I will ensure we do that on an ongoing basis.

We are left with a situation where some people would choose to attend the
meeting, and some choose not to attend, based on exactly the same information.
One answer will clearly not work for all.

One alternative being discussed is how to better support a meeting where remote
participation is going to be a more significant part of the meeting. What does enhanced
remote participation look like in the context of an ICANN meeting? Remote
participation is a challenge when a minority of participants are using that
mode; if many were, how effective could that be? How would this work with
scheduling, time zones, and the expected meeting formats we've used? Any
comments you have on this would be greatly appreciated. Look for a posting on
the ICANN blog, where you can respond directly.

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