[bc-gnso] Need Your individual sign off on attached Comments on Filling Board Seat 13

BC Secretariat secretariat at bizconst.org
Thu Feb 18 06:47:14 UTC 2010


 Sorry for the fire drill, but comments are due on the issue of filling
ICANN  Board Seat 13  by  Feb. 18 (tomorrow!).  Because we did not have
enough time  to follow  our usual 14 day process to circulate comments for
full BC sign on, we're trying a modified approach.   I've attempted a very
short one pager with comments for those from the BC who wish to add their
names individually .  If you can sign on individually, could you let me
Note that the IPC and ISPs are filing something similar and it will be
important to make sure that our Non-Contracted House isn't restricted when
it comes time next year for our group to select Board Seat 14.


Sarah B. Deutsch 
Vice President & Associate General Counsel 
Verizon Communications 
Phone: 703-351-3044 
Fax: 703-351-3670 

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