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Steve DelBianco sdelbianco at netchoice.org
Thu Feb 18 18:26:15 UTC 2010

Date:          18-Feb-2010
To:              Business Constituency Members
From:         Steve DelBianco, vice chair for policy coordination
Subject: Policy Coordination Calendar
The purpose of this document is to inform members of policy work before the
BC, and to inspire participation and debate.  ICANN generates an
overwhelming volume of material, so this is our first attempt to get it all
in one place.  We intend to publish this document whenever deadlines are
looming or important new issues arise.  We'd like to publish this material
online in a wiki or on the BC website, and welcome your ideas for making it
accessible ­ even on mobile devices.
First, let's acknowledge that we face 3 challenges in policy coordination in
the present BC:
1.     Talent: Recruit volunteers to be rapporteurs and working group
2.     Timing: Must get written positions circulated in time for 14-day
comment period (plus time for discussion & voting if there is significant
3.     Tone: keep it professional (even when questioning motives)
Second, this document is organized around the 4 distinct channels where BC
policy work and advocacy should be coordinated:
1.     BC participation in ICANN Public Comment processes
2.     Supporting discussion and voting of BC Representatives on GNSO
3.     Supporting discussion and voting on policy matters before the
Commercial Stakeholders Group (CSG)
4.     BC statements and responses during public meetings (Board breakfast,
outreach events, Cross-Constituency, public forum, etc.)
Current activity within each of these Channels are summarized below:
1. BC participation in ICANN Public Comment processes:
ICANN Public Comment page is at http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/
Comments recently closed:
1.     Affirmation of Commitments review process (closed 10-Feb).  32
comments filed. The BC can develop views on Terms of Reference for the
Accountability Review, since that process will occur throughout 2010. For
example, NetChoice proposed a definition for 'public interest' that is open
to continued debate.
2.     Consumer Constituency Charter (closed 13-Feb) 17 comments filed.
3.     Amendment of the GNSO Operating Procedures on the 2010 Selection
Process for ICANN Board Seat 13 (closed 18-Feb)
Comments open now: (in order of deadline dates)
1.     Selection process for at-large Board seat (closes 6-Mar)   no
comments filed. 
2.     GNSO Working Group Guidelines (closes 22-Mar). Zahid is on the WG
3.     Registration Abuse Policies Initial Report (ends 28-Mar)
4.     Global DNS-CERT Business Case (ends 29-Mar)
5.     Proposed Strategic Initiatives for Improved DNS Security, Stability
and Resiliency (SSR) (ends 29-Mar )
6.     Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) ( 1-Apr )
7.     TM Clearinghouse ( 1-Apr )
8.     Post Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (PPDRP)  ( 1-Apr )
9.     Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) ( 1-Apr )
10.  IDN 3 Character   ( 1-Apr )
11.  IDN Variants ( 1-Apr )
12.  Benchmarking of Registry Operations ( 1-Apr )
13.  Process for gTLD Registry Agreement Amendment  ( 1-Apr )
14.  Proposed Framework for the Fiscal Year 2011 Operating Plan and Budget
( 1-Apr)
15.  Draft Report on WHOIS Accuracy ( 15-Apr)
2. Supporting discussion and voting of BC Representatives on GNSO Council
Upcoming discussions & votes:
1.     Feb 18 vote on process to nominate Accountability Review team members
from GNSO.
2.     Vertical Integration PDP charter.  Draft by 1-Mar; Council vote on
Council Working Groups:  Status at
Vertical Integration Drafting Team  ­ drafting PDP charter now.  DT members:
Mike Rodenbaugh, Berry Cobb

IRTP-B (Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy ­ Part B) nearing a report that will
require BC review and comment.  WG members: Berry Cobb, Chris Chaplow, Mike
O'Connor, Mike Rodenbaugh.

RAP (Registration Abuse Policies)­ prelim report published 12-Feb. WG
members: Mike Rodenbaugh (GNSO Council liason), Zahid Jamil, Phil Corwin,
Martin Sutton, Mike O'Connor, Caleb Queern.  BC should review and comment

RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement)  ­ discussions ongoing re issues to
potentially cover in revised RAA.  WG members: Phil Corwin, Phil Lodico,
Mike Rodenbaugh

PEDNR (post-expiration domain name recovery) discussion ongoing to
standardize transfers.  WG members: Berry Cobb; Phil Corwin; Mike O'Connor;
Mike Palage; Mike Rodenbaugh

HSTLD (High Security TLDs) ­ convened an expert group, based on ICANN Staff
proposal.  Participants: Mike O'Connor, Mike Rodenbaugh
IDN Working Group.  stalled-out!  Members: Steve DelBianco, Mike Rodenbaugh
PPSC (Steering Committee for OSC & PDP WTs).  Member:  Mike Rodenbaugh,
Alternate:  Zahid Jamil
PDP-WT (Policy Development Process ) Work Team. WT members: Mike Rodenbaugh,
Zahid Jamil, Marilyn Cade
OSC-WT (Operations Steering Committee) includes several sub-teams. Members
incl: Philip Shepard (chair), Zahid Jamil, Mike O'Connor
Geographical Regions WG.  Stalled.   Members: Zahid Jamil
Also see GNSO Council pending projects, at
3. Supporting discussion and voting on policy matters before the Commercial
Stakeholders Group (CSG)
CSG selection Accountability Review team candidates from the GNSO  (Feb 24)

Joint CSG submission on Board Seat 13

Drafting of a charter for the CSG  (targeted date? )
4. BC statements and responses during public meetings (Board breakfast,
outreach events, Cross-Con, public forum, etc.)
Note that if the BC does not adopt consensus comments/positions on issues
arising in Nairobi, no member or officer is authorized to speak on behalf of
the BC.
On Feb 15, ICANN posted several documents regarding new gTLD process, at
Among those documents released are several with comment periods thru
Staff Discussion Memo for the Board as they consider the EOI Proposal.

In the trademark area, new/updated Draft Proposals on Uniform Rapid
Suspension (URS), 
Trademark (TM) Clearinghouse, Post Delegation Dispute Resolutions Procedure

In the IDN area ­ a relaxation of the 3 character requirement, and an
approach to IDN variants at the top level.

In registry operations, release of a benchmark of Registry Operations and a
proposed process for future changes to the gTLD registry agreements.
ICANN also released summaries and analyses of comments received on:
Summary of comments on URS and TM Clearinghouse
Summary of comments on EOI and Pre-registration
Economic studies on new gTLDs: although a study was promised by late
January, there will be a verbal update by two new economists retained by
ICANN. ICANN has contracted with Greg Rosston of Stanford University and
Michael Katz of University of California Berkeley. Work will be done in a
three-phase project with initial report expected in mid March and the second
early June. During the first phase, the economists will survey published
resources that describe the potential impacts of new gTLD introduction;
examine theoretical arguments about benefits and costs of increased gTLDs;
consider and propose empirical studies to identify areas where additional
work can serve to assess costs and benefits. A verbal report on results will
be presented during the ICANN Nairobi Meeting

Vertical Integration (aka Registry/Registrar Separation: talks about
proposing a new model for community consultation sometime in the future.
Based on debates on the subject held at the ICANN meetings in Seoul,
discussion during the consultation with certain community representatives
held on 7-Jan-2010 in Washington DC, ICANN will propose for community
comment a new registry-registrar separation model for inclusion in the next
draft of the gTLD agreement. We expect Board and community will discuss the
issue in Nairobi.

Root Scaling. Staff anticipates a report from SSAC and RSSAC before Nairobi.
Also, four demand scenarios for application volumes have been modeled: below
expected, expected, above expected and significantly above expected. For
each demand scenario, there's an assumption that only a fraction of the
applications will lead to delegations, and that the processing time for the
successful applications will be spread out. If there are more than, say, 500
applications, the processing will be batched further spreading out the
delegation rates. These models will be published before the Nairobi meeting.

Malicious Conduct:  In an effort to reduce malicious conduct in new gTLDs,
ICANN created an initiative called the High Security Zone Top Level Domain
("HSTLD") Advisory Group. This group brings together community
representatives to evaluate a voluntary program, supporting control
standards and incentives that could be adopted to provide enhanced trust and
security over the baseline registration-authority controls. A concept paper
was published as a component of the new gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook
version 3 and can be referenced on the following link:
ct09-en.pdf  [PDF, 214 KB]

The HSLTD Advisory Group continues to work on the concept of a voluntary
HSTLD program. Relevant next steps include a review and approval working
draft material and work on controls necessary to support the HSTLD purpose,
goals and principles.

Also part of addressing malicious conduct concerns is the creation of
another advisory group addressing Zone File Access. The group was formed to
study and discuss (benefits and methods) to effectively and efficiently
enhance access to zone file information (anticipating an environment with
many gTLDs). Details of this groups work can be found here:

Updated documentation on the malicious conduct work will be available prior
to Nairobi.

Upcoming Critical Program Meetings

During the ICANN Meeting in Nairobi, staff will hold several New gTLD
sessions, including:
* Program update and a panel discussion regarding the Expressions of
Interest and Pre-Registrations proposed process;
* Trademark Protection;
* High Security Top-Level Domains (HSTLD) & Zone File Access Advisory Group
* New gTLD introduction session for new comers.
The Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 4 is expected to be published prior
to the ICANN Brussels Meeting (20-25 June 2010).

Related Resources:
* New gTLD Program: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtld-program.htm
* Additional information about the HSTLD program, the HSTLD AG and
recordings of the HSTLD AG meetings can be accessed at the following link:
* Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 3
<http://icann.org/en/topics/new-gtlds/draft-rfp-clean-04oct09-en.pdf> [PDF,
1.5 MB] 

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