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Zahid,  I wasn't on the call at that time and neither were most members.  We
have no idea what you are talking about, my friend.


This is also why it's important to do almost all of our business via the
List so everyone is informed equally and has equal ability to comment.
Calls should mainly be for Q&A and interactive discussion among those most
interested members who happen to have time for a call at the designated
time.  The discussion then must be synopsized and shared with those who were
not on the call.  


This also needs to be the model for every ICANN WG or DT call, every single
one.  If that is not required by the relevant OSC rules, then I urge you and
others on that team to fight to make sure that it is clearly required.  Far
too much is happening on calls that is never shared in writing, furthering
the widespread perception that ICANN is only accessible to a few extremely
active insiders.  This issue that you are talking about is just one small
example of something I perceive almost every day among the many groups that
I participate in.


I assume unanimous consent of our membership to this proposition, but if
anyone has comments then please share.





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Am on the call.  Following Ayesha's point: this is why it is important that
the BC's interaction with the CSG is instrumental in getting appropriate
Business representation as the CSG nominees to be put forward by the GNSO.





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